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The Advocates for MD/PhD Women in Science (AMPWIS) group is student-led with the objectives of (a) educating ourselves and our peers about disparities women face in medicine and science, (b) empowering our members with the tools they need to succeed in a career as physician-scientists, and (c) educating undergraduates & the community about MD/PhD programs with a focus on mentorship of women.

We have realized through the years that many of our events can be more broadly applicable to issues that women and minorities face in medicine, (including race, gender, sexual orientation) and that a lack of representation still persists at higher levels of leadership in academic medicine. We believe that “rebranding” our organization to include women & minorities would not only encourage our current MD/PhD students to attend our events and gain mentorship, but also be an attractive asset to prospective women & minority MD/PhD students.

Thus, we have changed to become the Advocates for Inclusion in Medicine and Science (AIMS).  Our new website is

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