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2017-2018 Calendar

7/25/17 — Cantor’s Dilemma book club

9/21/17 — Article discussion on gender stereotypes and analysis of NIH ROI application critiques with Dr. Susan Henning and Dr. Rahima Benhabbour

10/25/17 — Fall Mentor Social with Dr. Toni Darville and Dr. Susan Henning

12/12/17 — All Members’ Meeting to discuss organizational structures

3/1/18 — Microaggressions and Harassment Panel with Associate Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Dent, Chair of Surgery Dr. Kibbe, Assistant Professor of Pathology Dr. Qian, and Women’s Center Program Coordinator Shelley Gist

3/21/18 — Undergraduate Panel Discussion about MD/PhD programs

5/4/18 — All Members’ Meeting to discuss the focus of AMPWIS

5/22/18 — AMPWIS meeting to finalize the change to the Advocates for Inclusion in Medicine and Science (AIMS)


2016 – 2017 Calendar

7/19/16  – Documentary Viewing & Discussion: Miss Representation

10/05/16 – Becoming an Informed Voter with Lanier Swann Hodgson, Director of State and Federal Policy for the NC Health Care System and UNC School of Medicine

10/28/16–Health and Humanities Workshop by Distinguished Bowman and Gray Professor Jane Thrailkill

10/19/16 – UNC AMPWIS Mentor Social with Dr. Donna Culton, Dr. Susan Henning, Dr. Kelly Giovanello, and Dr. Toni Darville.

4/18/17 – Translational Research Dinner with Dr. Barbara Savoldo, Dr. Matthew Laughon, and Dr. Michael O’Shea


2015 – 2016 Calendar

Sept 1st, 7pm – Article Discussion – Equal Rights Amendment (UNC/Duke)

Sept 22, 6:30pm – Undergraduate Mentoring Program Information Session

Oct 1st, 6:30pm – Faculty Mentor Panel and Social (UNC/Duke)

Oct 29th, 7pm – Career Development Workshop – Working with Legislators (UNC/Duke)

Jan – UNC MD-PhD Program Recruitment

Mar 29th 7pm – Undergraduate Mentoring Program Information Session

Mar 31st 12pm – Career Development Workshop – Personal Branding

May 14, 2016 – 3rd Annual Symposium for Advocates of Women Physician Scientists (MUSC hosting)

June 9 6pm – UNC MD-PhD Alum – Student Mixer


2014 – 2015 Calendar

August 12th – 7pm – Chancellor Folt will speak with our group at Kim’s home for an informal pot-luck gathering.

Sep 10th 8am – Financial Planning Panel – Northwestern Mutual (UNC/Duke)

Sep 24th 6pm- Undergraduate Mentoring Program Information Session

Oct 1st 5-6pm – Faculty Mentor Social

Oct 21st 7pm- Article discussion (UNC/Duke)

Nov 11th, 12pm – Invited Speaker – Dr. Priscilla Wyrick

Dec 2nd 7pm – Book Club – The Confidence Code with quizzes (UNC/Duke)

Jan – UNC MD-PhD Program Applicant Recruitment Activities

Jan 13 8am – Tax Planning For Future Scientists and Physicians – Northwestern Mutual (UNC/Duke)

Feb 19th 6pm – Career development – CV Information and Formatting (UNC)

Mar 12th 7pm – Invited Speaker – Dr. Matilda Nicholas (UNC/Duke)

Mar 25th 6pm – Undergraduate Mentoring Program Information Session

Apr 7th 6:30pm – Faculty Mentor Panel and Social (UNC/Duke)

May 4th 7pm- Career Development – Advocacy and Policy (UNC/Duke)

May 16th – Symposium (Duke hosting. Institutions: UNC, Duke, MUSC, VCU, UVA, Johns Hopkins)

June 16th 7pm – Book Club – Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science-and the World by Rachel Swaby (UNC/Duke)


2013 – 2014 Calendar

07/10/13 – Book Club – Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

08/22/13 – Article Discussion – Keeping Women in the Science Pipeline by Mary Ann Mason, Mind the Gender Gap by Helen Shen, and Reform Needed for Equality by Brigitte Mühlenbruch and Maren A. Jochimsen

09/20/13 – Tracs Career Development Workshop – Early Career Transitions

09/24/13 – Mentor Panel featuring Dr. Donna Culton, Dr. Kim Rathmell, & Dr. Susan Henning

10/11/13 – Tracs Career Development Workshop – Business Pitches / Elevator Talks

10/29/13 – Book Club – Rosalind Franklin and DNA by Anne Sayre

11/13/13 – Outreach – Brier Creek Elementary Health and Wellness Day

11/20/13 – Career Development Workshop – 2 min NPR Speech – Joint event with Duke MSTP

1/10/14 – Tracs Career Development Workshop – Working with Division Chiefs and Department Heads

January 14, 16, 21, 22, 2014 – Outreach – Brier Creek Elementary 4th Grade Science Fair Projects – a volunteering partnership with WInS, WISE, GWIS, WIB, and Duke MSTP

1/23/14 – Invited Speaker – Nancy Andrews, MD, PhD – Dean of Duke Medical School – Joint event with Duke MSTP

January 28, 30, February 4, 6, 11, 13 2014 – Outreach – Brier Creek Elementary 4th Grade Science Fair Projects – a volunteering partnership with WInS, WISE, GWIS, WIB, and Duke MSTP

March 26, 2014 – Mentor Panel – Dr. Angela Kashuba & Dr. Kelly Giovanello

5/3/14 – Southeast Symposium for MD/PhD Women in Science

May 2014 – Business Meeting – Plan for events for next year and select leadership for upcoming year


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